Earth Observations for Tuna Fisheries Management

This report aims to provide guidance on how to bring together traditional monitoring techniques with new technologies and data science in order to better monitoring our oceans in the context of the SDGs. The report focuses on the SDG indicators where UNEP is the custodian and responsible for global monitoring, including SDG 14.1.1(a) on coastal eutrophication; SDG 14.1.1(b) on marine debris, SDG 14.2.1 on marine area management and SDG 14.5.1 on protected areas and conservation.

To showcase and increase awareness of Earth observation information for sustainable fisheries management, GEO Blue Planet hosted a workshop series focused on the use of Earth observations for sustainable tuna fisheries. GEO Blue Planet invites relevant stakeholders, including those involved in tuna RFMOs, fisheries management councils, technical experts and others to discuss the integration of EO in sustainable fisheries management.


Here you can find all the recordings of the different sessions.

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5


Session 1 – Climate change impacts on tuna fisheries

Large scale distribuition of tuna and billfishes in a warming ocean

Session 2 – Sustainable fisheries management of tuna – challenges and solutions

Sustainable tuna fisheries management in the ABNJ – a personal perspective

Sustainable fisheries management in the Eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO)

Sustainable tuna fisheries management: challenges and solutions the ICCAT prospective

Session 3 – Improving sustainable tuna management and biodiversity conservation through Earth observation data

Integrating Earth observation data in ocean ecosystem modelling for improving sustainable tuna management and biodiversity conservation

Turtlewatch – reducing protected species interaction?

Improving sustainable tuna management and biodiversity conservation through EO data

Session 4 – Earth observation data to reduce Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing

EO data for detection and monitoring of vessels activities to reduce IUU fishing

Exact Earth’s satellite tracking techonology and fishing applications

Protecting fishery resources using a suite of spaceborne sensors

Integrating EO data and certifications for reducing IUU fishing towards a sustainable seafood production

Session 5 – Earth observation data for habitat mapping and operational forecasting systems for tuna

EO for habitat mapping and operation forecasting systems for tuna

Monitoring the eastern tropical Pacific tuna fishing from space

Remote sensing for fisheries

The COVERAGE project & thematic demonstration application: High seas tuna fisheries in relation to the environment