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Building a global observing system for marine debris: the IMDOS initiative

The marine pollution problem may have only started in the 1950s, but it is already impacting every part of our ocean. Now, by harmonizing data, standardizing monitoring methods, leveraging technology, and harnessing the power of a global community, the newly created Integrated Marine Debris Observing System aims to support and strengthen marine debris research.

7th International Marine Debris Conference

18-23 Sept 2022 Busan, Republic of Korea

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Remote sensing of marine litter workshop 2023

ESA-ESTEC, Netherlands

Marine Litter: Solutions for a Cleaner Ocean

The objective of this workshop is to assess options for the prevention…

Marine Litter: Solutions for Monitoring, Mitigation and Prevention

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society is organizing a special…

5th GEO Blue Planet Symposium – Local Action in support of Global Traction

GEO Blue Planet held its 5th Symposium between 24 and 28 October 2022. For the first time, this signature GEO Blue Planet event took place in Africa, in Accra, Ghana.

Integrating Marine Litter Monitoring For Informed Action

In the backdrop of the UN Ocean Conference 2022 in Lisbon, GEO…