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June 2023

4th Global Dialogue on Ocean Accounting

Ocean accounts are gaining momentum globally due to the growing recognition that economic, environmental and social data are essential to sustainable ocean economies and the delivery of international and regional climate and biodiversity commitments.   The 4th Global Dialogue on Ocean Accounting will build on the 2019, 2021and 2022 editions of this event to leverage this momentum to unpack how […] ...
13 Jun
All Day


The Third International Operational Satellite Oceanography Symposium (OSOS-3) will take place from 12 to 15 June 2023 in Busan, South Korea. Co-sponsored by NOAA, EUMETSAT and Korean Hydrographic Ocean Agency (KHOA), the event is open to community members from all levels of the value chain, from data providers to users of operational satellite oceanographic data, products and applications. This […] ...
12 - 15 Jun
Busan, South Korea
May 2023
April 2023


The 39th edition of International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE) will take place in Antalya, Turkey in April 2023, with the theme “From Human needs to Sustainable Development Goals.” ISRSE-39 offers a unique opportunity for in-depth, cross-disciplinary exchanges between key public and private sectors organizations and leading actors in the field of satellite observing systems, remote sensing […] ...
24 - 28 Apr
Antalya, Turkey
March 2023

National Adaptation Plans (NAP) Expo

The overall objective of the NAP Expos is to raise adaptation ambition by advancing the formulation and implementation of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs). The NAP Expo provides opportunities for everyone to conduct technical sessions, training, demos, exhibitions, and other special activities toward the objective and theme of the event. The NAP technical working group plays an important role in the organization of the NAP Expo, and […] ...
27 - 30 Mar
Santiago, Chile
February 2023


Ocean Innovation Africa is a platform that showcases African ocean-impact initiatives and brings together international changemakers for the growth of an equitable and sustainable ocean economy in Africa. The annual summit convenes innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, industry-leaders, and policy-makers from Africa and abroad leading the way in development and adoption of sustainable ocean solutions. This […] ...
21 - 24 Feb
All Day
Cape Town, South Africa


IOC-UNESCO will launch their new Capacity Development Hub on 3 Feb 2023 during a virtual event. This new tool is designed to support efforts to explore and find capacity development activities and opportunities offered by national, regional and global organizations around the world. These opportunities include training and higher education, travel grants, professional networks, among other resources. […] ...
03 Feb
Online Event
January 2023

OceanPrediction Decade collaborative centre kick-off

he OceanPrediction DCC (UN Decade Collaborative Centre) kick-off meeting will take fully online on 11 and 12 January 2023.  Announced by the IOC-UNESCO during the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon in June 2022, OceanPrediction will be officially launched with this kick-off meeting. Hosted on a collaborative platform, it will be an interactive event, centered on community building and connection of different sectors […] ...
11 - 12 Jan
Online Event
December 2022


EuroGEO combines the contributions of European members of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). The  2-day workshop will bring together European players interested in and actively contributing to EuroGEO. The workshop will explore synergies across projects and initiatives, offer networking opportunities to the participants, reflect on global (G)EO trends and GEO Week 2022, pursue more dynamic […] ...
07 Dec - 09 Jan
Athens, greece
Athens, greece
October 2022


EUMETSAT and the Oceanography & Earth Observation Group of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens are jointly organizing the training course “Supporting Marine Earth Observation Applications (SMA)”. In this course participants will learn how to independently access and process data from the EUMETSAT product catalogue for their marine workflows and applications. The focus will […] ...
31 Oct - 25 Nov
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Online Event
September 2022

Marine Litter: Solutions for a Cleaner Ocean

The objective of this workshop is to assess options for the prevention of marine litter entering the ocean and the reduction of marine litter, in particular plastics – in the ocean. Bringing together a wide range of stakeholders, the workshop will identify priorities for a cleaner ocean. For more information and to register, click here. ...
28 - 29 Sep
All Day
Brest, France
  • IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society

Marine Litter: Solutions for Monitoring, Mitigation and Prevention

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society is organizing a special session entitled “Marine Litter: Solutions for Monitoring, Mitigation and Prevention” taking place on Sept 27, 2022 during the Sea Tech Week, Sept. 26-30 2022, in BREST, France. The special session will precede and inform the workshop on “Marine Litter: Solutions for a Cleaner Ocean”, that will be […] ...
27 Sep
All Day
Brest, France
  • IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society
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