Oceanscape Portal Launch!

GEO Blue Planet and the Partnership for Ocean Global Observing (POGO) are excited to announce the launch of Oceanscape!

Oceanscape is an effort of the GEO Blue Planet Initiative to identify the numerous organisations (including projects, programmes, and other structures) working in the “ocean space”, and to clarify the connections between them (as well as identifying opportunities to make connections where none exist).

The Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO), a founding member of GEO Blue Planet, is leading the development of the Oceanscape portal.  This portal, to be launched during Ocean Obs’19 in September 2019, is a community effort that aims to serve a variety of stakeholders:

  • the scientific community, who may not be aware of all the initiatives taking place in the “ocean space”, and who could benefit from identifying synergies, new collaborations and avoiding overlap or duplication;
  • NGOs, as well as the private sector, who may be looking for suitable organisations for collaboration;
  • governments and funding agencies, who may not have a clear picture of the “oceanscape” of organisations, what they are each doing and how they differ from one another.


Check out the portal here!


How to add a new organisation:

Please review first the list of existing organisations on the portal to see if the organisation you want to add has already been included. If it has, please feel free to send us edits/additions for the organisation if any are required. It is also possible to transfer ‘ownership’ of entries if appropriate.
Anyone can register on the Oceanscape website to create a personal/ institutional account. Once you have activated your account, and are logged in, you will be able to enter a new organisation by clicking on “Add organisation” in the top right-hand corner of the map on the homepage. Once you have created and submitted a new organisation, this will be reviewed by a moderator before it goes live on the website.
We hope we have made the process as self-explanatory as possible, but please don’t hesitate to contact us via the website contact form, or by e-mailing Sophie Seeyave, should you encounter any problems or need any clarifications.