GEO Blue Planet launches 2024 webinar series

January 2024

At the heart of GEO Blue Planet’s endeavors lies the commitment to working closely with stakeholders, understanding their specific information needs, and connecting them to the wealth of available data and products. We do this by working with stakeholders to understand their information needs and connecting them with available data and products. We develop tools that meet their information needs, and work with them to strengthen their capacity to make informed decisions.

The 2024 webinar series is designed to be a dynamic and inclusive platform, inviting participation from all GEO Blue Planet stakeholders. To accommodate our global audience, our webinar will be held at two times. The content will be the same for both webinars.

Webinar 16 & 17 Jan 2024 | Coastal National Adaptation Guidelines: Moving from Theory to Practice

Kicking off this series will be the Adaptation Planning working group. In collaboration with the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), this group is working to leverage ocean and coastal observations in support of National Adaptation Plans for the UNFCCC. The group has completed an analysis of existing National Adaptation Plans in coastal countries, combined with regional workshops, to improve the understanding of coastal adaptation priorities. These findings, soon to be shared in detailed reports, will be the focus of the first GEO Blue Planet webinar.

Time 1:
January 16, 2024 @ 15:00 UTC

Time 2
January 17, 2024 @ 02:00 UTC