GEO Week 2023 & Ministerial Summit

Climate. Biodiversity. Air quality. The planet has a lot to say about the things that each and every one of us depend on. But can you hear what it’s saying?

There is more data than ever before on our changing Earth. The problem is that many people can’t get hold of it, and when they can, it’s in a language they don’t understand.

If we’re going to act on what the planet is saying, we need an organization that can bring together the best Earth observation data, technology and science and translate it into free, trusted information that makes sense to everyone.

That organization is GEO. We are coming together at the Cape Town Ministerial Summit to shape our future and respond to the Earth’s calls for action.

Join us for a conversation like no other.

More information about this summit here.

The event is finished.


Nov 06 - 10 2023


All Day


Cape Town, South Africa