EOOS Seeking Stakeholder Survey Responses

Consultation 2018

The European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) is a coordinating framework designed to align and integrate Europe’s ocean observing capacity in the long-term; to promote a systematic and collaborative approach to collecting sustained information on the state and variability of our seas; and to underpin sustainable management of the marine environment and its resources.

Key to achieving a truly integrated and sustained ocean observing framework, EOOS, are stakeholder engagement and co-design of the EOOS strategy and implementation plan. In 2017, an open consultation took place to collect stakeholders’ feedback on the EOOS consultation document developed by the steering group. Based on this survey and the EOOS forum 2018, draft EOOS strategy and implementation plan were developed. Those are now released for an open consultation running from 25 April to 15 June. The results will be released on this website and the documents finalized for adoption at the EOOS conference 2018 (21-23/11, Brussels).

Survey specifications

  • When: this survey is open from 25 April to 15 June 2018
  • For who: any ocean observing stakeholder organization or individual
  • How: read the draft EOOS strategy and implementation plan 2018-2022, then submit your feedback via the online form – please see below.
    Nota bene: we recommend preparing your feedback on a separate document first and only then copy/pasting the content to the on-line form. This will reduce risks of any web-related issues causing the loss of your information should the submission take long. This will also allow carefully considering the answers for most impact. The length of the documents: strategy – 9 pages, implementation plan – 13 pages. You can download the questionnaire below.
  • What next: EOOS coordination team and steering group will consider all inputs and prepare updated versions of the strategy and implementation plan – both for release on this website. It is foreseen to allow the stakeholders jointly adopt the strategy and implementation plan at the EOOS conference 2018.

Draft EOOS strategy 2018-2022

EOOS Strategy Draft April 2018 (472.9 KiB)

Draft EOOS implementation plan 2018-2022

EOOS Implementation Plan Draft April 2018 (449.8 KiB)

Consultation questions – to prepare your online submission

Consultation questions (117.2 KiB)

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