Earth Observation Products and Tools for Water Monitoring

SDG Issue Name of Product/Tool POC Agency Link
14.1.1a Coastal Eutrophication Coastal Eutrophication Indicators (1 and 2) for Dany Ghafari (UNEP), Emily Smail (GEO Blue Planet) and Keith VanGraafeiland (Esri)®ionIndex=1
14.1.1b Litter (marine and riverine) Marine Litter from Land-based sources Eric Chassignet (FSU) & Heidi Savelli-Soderberg (UNEP)
6.6.1 Water-related ecosystems Open water bodies (rivers, estuaries, lakes and reservoirs)

Inland wetlands


Water Quality in lakes and reservoirs

River Discharge

Stuart Crane (UNEP) & Jerker Tamelander (Wetlands Convention)
SDGs 6 and 14 Water quality database inventories for Cal/Val (scientific and citizen science) and other resources Water quality of inland and coastal waters Merrie Beth Neely (GEO AquaWatch)

SDG 6 International Water Association’s PrimeWater Project PrimeWater Virtual Lab Claudia Giardino, CNR-IREA
SDG 6 and 14 GEOAquaWatch University of Wisconsin’s Real Earth Portal Water Quality Datasets Sam Batzli (University of Wisconsin) and Steve Greb (University of Wisconsin)
SDG 6 Free services of water quality & temperature for inland waters Copernicus Global Land Service, Inland Water Products Kerstin Stelzer (Brockmann Consult, Copernicus Service Manager Inland water)
SDG 6 Water quality, cyanobacteria alerts CyanoAlert services Kerstin Stelzer (Brockmann Consult), Petra Philipson (Brockmann Geomatics)
SDG 14 Free services of water quality products for coastal waters Copernicus Marine Service – High Resolution Coastal Service Kerstin Stelzer (Brockmann Consult, Copernicus Production Unit High Resolution Coastal Service)

Upcoming Free Training Courses (as of March 20, 2023)

Meeting and Dates Training Virtual (Yes/No) POC Agency Link
OSOS-3 Meeting, South Korea, June 16, 2023 Intro to Copernicus, NOAA CoastWatch, and KHOA products N NOAA, EUMETSAT, KHOA
OCS Meeting, St. Petersburg, FL USA, November 17, 2023 Intro to NOAA CoastWatch products N NOAA Details TBD but found here:
various NOAA CoastWatch Y & N NOAA
ongoing Remote Sensing Using Google Earth Engine Y RCMRD (Africa)