Executive Director Emily Smail moves on to new adventures!

February 2024

Emily being interviewed at the 5th GEO Blue Planet Symposium in Ghana, 2022

Dear GEO Blue Planet community,

After 8+ years, I decided it was time to take a leap and try something new. I also felt it was time to give our rising stars like Audrey and our Knauss fellows the opportunity to advance their leadership roles. I’ve had an amazing time working with you on GEO Blue Planet. I have loved seeing our community grow and support each other.

I started out my next chapter by launching an LLC, EcoSciSolutions, and was lining up consulting work for international activities and keeping the look out for leadership opportunities in the US government and other arenas. Through my networking process, I was linked up with SSAI who offered me the opportunity to join their program leadership team. I will be working with them to support contracts at NASA Goddard. I’m excited about the opportunity to learn about other areas of Earth Observations such as Atmospheric Science and Global Modeling and Data Assimilation. I’m hoping these new experiences will allow me to support the ocean and coastal communities in integrategration into Earth System science.

I will always be part of the GEO Blue Planet community and look forward to continuing to work with you all in the future. I know this is a challenging time for many people in our community who are facing budgetary restraints. My thoughts are with you and I’m always here to help. You can connect with me anytime via LinkedIn. Don’t be a stranger!

Just keep swimming!


From the whole GEO Blue Planet Community, Emily, THANK YOU for your time and dedication.

You have made GEO Blue Planet what it is today.