Theme 3: The Blue Economy

Ocean or blue economies include industries, such as fishing, shipping, mineral resource extraction and tourism, as wells as ecosystem services, such as climate regulation, coastal protection and oxygen production. The blue economy is currently valued at USD 1.5 trillion and is projected to double by 2030. In order to support the further growth of the blue economy and ensure the proper management of the ecosystem services the ocean provides, monitoring and information services are needed.

Project associated with this theme will aim to support the sustainable development and use of living and non-living aquatic resources. Understanding and managing the economic contributions of the oceans is crucial for human welfare.

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CEB – The Center for the Blue Economy is a research and academic center developing innovative ways to address critical ocean and coastal resource management issues.

EC Blue Growth Initiative – The European Commission’s Blue Growth Initiative aims to further harness the potential of Europe’s oceans, seas and coasts for jobs, value and sustainability.

OECD – The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development promotes policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.

Operation Phakisa – Operation Phakisa is an initiative of the South African government that is aiming to unlocking the economic potential of South Africa’s oceans.

NMSC – Australia’s National Marine Science Committee is composed of representatives of 24 Australian research institutions, universities and government departments.

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