10th GEO Plenary Session and 2014 Ministerial Summit 13-17 January 2014

The Summit took place at the International Conference Centre in Geneva. Blue Planet was represented by the Task Coordinator, Trevor Platt, as well as other members of the Blue Planet Steering Committee and community-at-large. These included the Executive Secretary of IOC, Wendy Watson-Wright, members of the GOOS Secretariat (Albert Fischer and Sarah Grimes), members of the POGO Secretariat (Trevor Platt and Vikki Cheung), and representatives of the European Commission (Michael Berger), CEOS (Mark Dowell), CZCP (Hans-Peter Plag), JCOMM (Boram Lee) and IEEE (Jay Pearlman, Francoise Pearlman).

During the Plenary, the proposal for preparation of the next GEOSS Implementation Plan and the draft Geneva Declaration were discussed. At the Ministerial Summit immediately following the Plenary, GEO received unanimous endorsement to “unleash the power of open data for a second decade”. There was agreement to continue building on the organisation’s first 10 years of pioneering environmental advances which are designed to improve the quality of life of people everywhere, beyond the current mandate which runs until 2015. Fuelled by open data, GEO’s efforts are now evident in most regions of the world.

Blue Planet was featured in a showcase video (below) shown to the Ministers. It was also available to delegates throughout the Plenary meeting in the exhibition area.

Blue Planet also hosted a joint side event in collaboration with the European Commission entitled “Towards an Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observation System aided by GEO’s Blue Planet Initiative”, which was very well attended. The agenda consisted of a series of short talks followed by a panel discussion. Speakers included senior figures from the European Commission, the European Space Agency and representatives of major observing programmes in Europe and North America.