What we do

The goal of the GEO Blue Planet Initiative is to ensure the sustained development and use of ocean and coastal observations for the benefit of society. We do this by promoting collection of continuous ocean observations, processing of data into information and linking this information with societal needs. The societal needs feed back into ocean and coastal observation requirements and enhancement or modification of the ocean and coastal observation strategy. This requires close working relationships between scientists who collect ocean and coastal observations, those that take these observations and extract information as well as forecast future conditions, and those that use the information and forecasts in the management of our living planet. 

We organize information about our activities and related activities around four cross-cutting areas and ten thematic areas.

Cross-cutting Areas

Capacity Development

Because the ocean transcends national boundaries, and because it is so vast and challenging to access, oceanographic research requires international collaboration by its very nature. Capacity development for the use of ocean observation data and information provides a larger pool of trained personnel, more representation at the world scale and fulfils demand for such personnel. […]

Observations, Data and Products

Ocean and coastal observation is the gathering of physical, chemical and biological information about coastal and open-ocean areas through direct (or “in situ”) measurements and remote-sensing technologies. These data play a vital role for informed decision-making by governments, civil society and the private sector about sustainable development, ecosystem management, food security, ocean-resource utilization and natural […]

Stakeholder Engagement and Societal Awareness

There are many types of end-users of ocean and coastal observations, including data users such as scientists, ocean synthesis and forecast systems, and seasonal and long-term climate forecasts and projections, and information service users such as civil protection authorities, regulators, industry, policy makers and recreational users. Ocean and coastal observations also feed into Conventions such […]

Thematic Areas