Observations, Data and Products

Ocean and coastal observation is the gathering of physical, chemical and biological information about coastal and open-ocean areas through direct (or “in situ”) measurements and remote-sensing technologies. These data play a vital role for informed decision-making by governments, civil society and the private sector about sustainable development, ecosystem management, food security, ocean-resource utilization and natural disasters.

Significant investment has been made in ocean and coastal data, modeling and analysis products at regional, national and global scales. A key challenge remains, however, in the integration, accessibility, discoverability and transformation of data. This requires integration of satellite and in situ data and the delivery of data to diverse users. 

GEO Blue Planet Working Groups 

Data Discovery, Access
and Utilization
Working Group

    The GEO Blue Planet working group data discover, access and utilization is working to share best practices and support activities to increase data discoverability and integration of data sets including: Traditional geospatial data (e.g., management boundaries)  Time series monitoring data (e.g., coastal and ocean moorings)  Gridded datasets (e.g., satellite remote sensing products)  Complex […]

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