Data Interoperability Networks

Organization Acronym Description
Australian Ocean Data Network Portal AODN Portal for data collected by the Australian marine community
Data Integration and Analysis System DIAS Data integration system of Japan’s Earth Observation and Ocean Exploration System
Group on Earth Observations System of Systems interoperability for Weather, Ocean and Water GEOWOW EU project on GEOSS interoperability for weather, ocean and water
Group on Earth Observations System of Systems Portal GEOSS Portal Single internet access point for Earth Observation data
International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange IODE Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission project for oceanographic data management
JODC Data On-line Service System J-DOSS Japanese Oceanographic Data and Information download service
European Marine Observation and Data Network EMODNet European marine observation data network
Ocean Data Interoperability Platform ODIP Aus-EU-USA Ocean Data Interoperability Platform
Research Data Alliance RDA Alliance working to build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data
SeaDataNet SeaDataNet

Pan-European infrastructure for ocean and marine data management