The “Ocean Communicators United” (OCU) Working Group is an informal grouping of representatives of international, regional or national oceanographic research organisations that provides a forum for its members to share information, expertise, best practices and materials related to marine science communications.

Membership is open to anyone who works in marine science communications, from communications specialists at marine research institutions and project managers for regional/international research organisations, through to those involved in outreach, education or ocean literacy programmes. Between them, OCU members have a wealth of experience in communicating with every type of audience: scientists, policy-makers, journalists, fund-holders, the general public, and many more besides.

Our membership recognises that, in actively embracing communicators from diverse backgrounds, OCU becomes a more constructive forum for the exchange of ideas, expertise and experience which, in turn, improves our effectiveness as a community. We hope that, by joining us, individuals and their affiliated organisations will benefit from the input of other members, whilst making their own contribution to the pool of know-how.

The main activity of the group is focused around quarterly teleconferences to discuss science communication topics. Previous themes include Websites, Social Media, Blogging, Ocean Literacy, Impact Evaluation, and Communicating with Policy Makers.

OCU also operates a LinkedIn group to host discussions, and a group Google folder to share files (eg the presentations given during the teleconferences and their recordings).




To request membership, click here.

For more information, please contact Fiona Beckman, POGO Communications Officer, at fbe(at)