Operational and Governance plan

GEO Blue Planet’s new Operations and Governance Plan

The GEO Blue Planet Executive Committee adopted the GEO Blue Planet Governance and Operations Plan on 11 November 2021. This document provides an overview of the governance and operations procedures of GEO Blue Planet and serves as an addendum to the GEO Blue Planet Implementation Plan.


An initiative of the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO), GEO Blue Planet focuses on the use of ocean and coastal observations to inform policy and decision-making. Its three action areas are:

  • stakeholder engagement to understand the needs for information
  • cooperation and co-design to drive the development of tools and services that meet information needs
  • capacity development to strengthen and transfer capabilities

The GEO Blue Planet Executive Committee is composed of the three Steering Committee Co-Chairs, the previous co-chairs (only one year – for continuity), members of the Patrons Group, heads of the GEO Blue Planet Secretariat offices and a GEO Secretariat representative. The Secretariat is geographically distributed, currently with offices located in Europe and North America, which together provide coordination support to GEO Blue Planet’s global activities. The U.S. Office is hosted by the NOAA and the University of Maryland, and the European Office by Mercator Ocean International, with funding from the European Union through the EU4OceanObs Action. A new Asian Office will be set up in 2022 by the Korea Maritime Institute in South Korea.

To access GEO Blue Planet’s Operations and Governance Plan, click here.

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